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San Francisco RFID ready

Adfero Ltd | October 4 2006

San Francisco International airport has been the first site in the US to install RFID chip readers for new e-passports, according to reports.

The airport will be the test location for the new chipped documents that carry information on an RFID chip unique to the document.

Countries that are part of the visa waiver scheme with the US will also have to participate in the programme, with chips imbedded in all passports.

Anna Hinken told AirportBusiness.com that passenger's information would be protected and would only be read by the e-passport scanner.

There had been concerns in mainly consumer campaign groups, that RFID chips were insecure and vulnerable to hacking.

A presentation at the Black Hat show in Las Vegas highlighted this issue, with one expert showing how to clone an RFID chip.

However, officials from the department of homeland security (DHS) have staunchly defended the technology since the e-passport programme began.

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