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South African Kids RFID Tagged

CIOL News | May 12, 2005

PUNE: Parents worried about the safety of their children now have help in the form of RFID tags. Electronic security company Zicom Security Systems Ltd is planning to introduce RFID technology in some schools in Mumbai in the next three months.

According to Zicom chairman Manohar Bidaye, this technology would help parents keep track of their children. Pilot tests are currently being conducted in some schools in Mumbai. Bidaye said this would be commercially deployed in three months.

The RFID tags would be incorporated on the identity cards of each student. Parents who wish to subscribe to the service could track the whereabouts of their children with the help of readers that would message the mobile depending on the trigger set. These readers would be placed in convenient locations. Bidaye believes that this service would find plenty of takers due to rising security concerns in the society.

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