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School kids fingerprinted in Ireland

The Inquirer | June 2, 2005

A SWANKY school in South Dublin is fingerprinting its kids and using a biometric fingerprint recognition system to make sure the children don’t skip class.

St Andrew's College in South Dublin claims to be the first school in the country to use biometric technology. Headmaster, Arthur Godsill, told the Media that figure printing was much better than a daily roll-book check or using swipe cards or identity cards.

An identity card can be borrowed by a friend, where as it would take a very special friend who would cut his or her finger off to help a mate skip Maths.

Each kid has a PIN number and uses it, and the fingerprint, to check in. The system records the time and place. Later there are plans to send text messages (SMS) to parents if a student doesn't turn up.

For some reason, Godsell thinks that this will protect children from people wandering into the school who shouldn’t be there, although the fingerprint system will not actually bar entry to the school.

The system was designed by an old boy John Beckett who now works for Adrenalin Internet Services.


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