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Cambridge Evening News | May 24, 2005

From R Law

I'VE read an article in Auto Express where roadside spies spot drivers breaking the law.

People will watch for drivers breaking safety rules then use a remote control system to flash personalised warning messages via an electronic sign further down the line.

For example, motorists using a hand-held phone will see the words "mobile phone?" while speeders will be told to "slow down!"

Anyone who's not strapped in will be reminded with "Seat Belt?"

The sign, which is a first for the UK, has eight pre-programmed messages and is about to be trialled in Oxfordshire."

It proves that road safety can be significantly improved by this system, which has already been dubbed the "Snitch Sign" and will be rolled out across the region. It could eventually go nationwide.

It was unveiled at the recent traffic exhibition for traffic engineering Industry at Birmingham NEC and has been developed by Middlesbrough Company Varitext.

Look out, Big Brother's watching you.

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