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Two carry medical data in their arms

The New Straits Times Press | March 24, 2005

GEORGE TOWN, Wed. - Two Malaysians have had the world's smallest identification chips embedded in their arms. Inforlexus Sdn Bhd directors Ham Guan Khai and Siauw Ka Lung had the VeriChip implants, containing their health data which can be accessed via a secure server through a 16-digit identification number contained on the chip.

The data is stored in the Global VeriChip Subscribers Registry, which is the system's healthcare provider.

Inforlexus spokesman Koay Cheow Shin said the painless implantation process was done at a clinic here and each implant took less than 30 seconds.


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"The VeriChip was implanted under the skin in the upper arm," he said.

The chip is a miniaturised, radio frequency identification device about the size of a grain of rice.

The verification number is captured by briefly passing a handheld reader device over the VeriChip.

A small amount of radio frequency energy passes from the handheld, proprietary scanner to the VeriChip, which then emits a radio frequency signal transmitting the number.

It acts as a gateway to a person's medical information, and can also be used in security, financial and emergency identifications and other applications.

In an emergency, VeriChip can provide healthcare workers with a person's name and pertinent personal information.

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