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Police phone tap server gets pinched

The Inquirer | August 14, 2007

A FIRM THAT HELPS the plod snoop on people in Britain has had a server pinched.

According to the Mail on Sunday "thousands of top secret telephone records" were on the server, belonging to folk the plod think may be up to no good.

The server contained details of calls made on mobile phones, detailing the exact location and identity of who was making the calls and when.

Apparently the server was stolen last Monday from the offices of Forensic Telecommunication Services Ltd (FTS) in Sevenoaks, Kent.

in Sevenoaks, Kent. The firm told the Wail, that, "In the unlikely event that the server was accessed, none of the data stored on the server in any way compromises ongoing police operations."

"The information is made up of either old cases that have passed through the judicial process, or cases that are already in the judicial system and so subject to full disclosure to both defense and prosecution teams."

It says the data was encrypted.

A spokesPlod said: "No evidence has been lost, as the company keeps back-ups." So that's ok, then.

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