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[02/15/2006] The Pentagon’s War on the Internet
The Pentagon has developed a comprehensive strategy for taking over the internet and controlling the free flow of information. The plan appears in a recently declassified document, “The Information Operations Roadmap”, which was provided under the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) and revealed in an article by the BBC. » More

[12/01/2005] Domestic Military Intelligence Is Back
Well, CIFA already has its own agents and collects information on common American citizens under the guise of \"sabotage\" and \"force protection\" threats to the military. » More

[11/28/2005] CIFA: Pentagon’s COINTELPRO
CIFA’s abilities would increase considerably under the proposal being reviewed by the White House, which was made by a presidential commission on intelligence [which has] urged that CIFA be given authority to carry out domestic criminal investigations and clandestine operations against potential threats inside the United States. » More

[11/15/2005] New U.S. Intel Center Studies Free Secrets
The national intelligence director is opening a center that will elevate a brand of information that‘s long been a stepchild in the U.S. spy community: secrets that don‘t have to be stolen. » More

[11/09/2005] FBI may be checking on you, but you have no way to know
These days, Americans suspected of no wrongdoing can suddenly find themselves caught up in FBI surveillance operations. » More

[11/08/2005] Official Reveals Budget for U.S. Intelligence
At an intelligence conference in San Antonio last week, Mary Margaret Graham, a 27-year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency and now the deputy director of national intelligence for collection, said the annual intelligence budget was $44 billion. » More

[10/25/2005] Another Major Pentagon Espionage Scandal Brewing?
According to Pentagon insiders, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) has been the focus of another espionage investigation. » More

[10/25/2005] Congress asked to increase FBI oversight
Civil rights advocates called Monday for Congress to increase its oversight of the Federal Bureau of Investigation\'s surveillance of suspects in intelligence investigations, in light of newly disclosed records indicating the FBI violated the law. » More

[10/21/2005] MI5 \'acts on facts gained under torture\'
The head of MI5 has submitted evidence to the House of Lords indicating that her agents are prepared to act on intelligence obtained under torture in the fight against terrorism. » More

[10/06/2005] GCHQ- Government Communications HeadQuarters
Commonly referred to as, \"her Majesty\'s doughnut\", GCHQ is Europe\'s most powerful intelligence gathering agency. Located in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England, the massive 176 acre centre, 1.1 million square foot building, lies approximately 90 miles northwest of London. » More