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Cashless/Surveillance Society

Cashless/Surveillance Society Articles

[08/09/2006] Polo Ralph Lauren adds twist to window shopping
Polo Ralph Lauren Corp. is taking impulse shopping one step farther with technology that allows passersby to purchase clothing they see in the windows of one of its New York stores by tapping on the glass. » More

[03/06/2006] Paranoia, Terrorism and Data Mining
Are privacy rights violated if only a robot is looking at the information? Many people aren\'t concerned with robots watching what they do, or have done. But American law, and the courts that interpret it, still give privacy rights primacy even if no humans are involved in the surveillance. It wasn\'t always that way. » More

[02/21/2006] BIS Calls For Global Currency
The scandal-ridden and highly secretive Bank For International Settlements, considered to be the world\'s top central banking policy, has released a policy paper that calls for the end of national currencies in favor of a global model of currency formats. » More

[02/20/2006] \"We Want Information\": The Database State
The population of the United Kingdom are being trained like circus acts to sing and perform when any designated \'authority figure\' demands they hand over their personal information in anticipation of the mandatory ID card that will weed out the subversives and block the non-conformists from using public services or being able to travel. » More

[12/02/2005] Will that be cash, credit — or finger?
No one knows, though, if these technologies will revolutionize the payment system, as magnetic stripes on credit cards did three decades ago. Skeptics wonder if security concerns will scare away most Americans. » More

[11/10/2005] IBM calls for global identity management solution
IBM has been the Globalist ID Technological arm for many many years dating back to it\'s shameful involvement in branding jewish prisoners in the Nazi Death Camps. » More

[11/08/2005] Surveillance Society
In an age of big government, the business and non-profit sectors tend to take their cues as to what is acceptable from the government. Increased government surveillance creates a general societal norm for increased surveillance in the workplace. » More

[11/01/2005] RFID payments on track in Scandinavia
Ticketing on public transport in Norway and Sweden is being revolutionised by the introduction of a new payment system using RFID smart cards.\n » More

[10/31/2005] Korean Society Slips Into Age of Surveillance
The recent revelation that the country’s spy agency snooped on civilians during past administrations is renewing public fears that Korea is becoming a surveillance society based on an intrusive state. » More