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Only Impeachment Can Prevent More War

Infowars.com | January 22, 2007
Paul Craig Roberts

Everyone knows that Bushs Iraq "surge" will not work. Even the authors of
the plan, neoconservatives Frederick Kagan and Jack Keane, have emphasized
that the plan cannot work with any less than an addition of 50,000 US troops
committed to another three years of combat. Bush is only adding 40% of that
number of troops, and Defense Secretary Gates speaks of the operation being
over by summers end.

On January 18 a panel of retired generals testifying on Capitol Hill slammed
Bushs surge plan as "a fools errand." Even the easily bamboozled American
public knows the plan will not work. Newsweeks latest poll released January
20 shows that only 23% of the public support sending more troops to Iraq and
that twice as many Americans trust the Democrats in Congress than trust

A majority of Americans (54%) believe Bush to be neither honest nor ethical,
and 57% believe that Bush lacks "strong leadership qualities."

Nevertheless, Bush defended his surge plan, telling a group of TV stations
last week, "I believe it will work."

Bush is correct that it will work indeed, the surge is working. We have to
be clear about how the plan works. It does not mean that 21,500 more US
troops will bring order and stability to Iraq. The surge is working, because
it is deflecting attention from the Bush Regimes real game plan.

The real game plan is to orchestrate a war with Iran and to initiate wider
conflict in the Middle East before public and military pressure forces the
Bush Regime to withdraw US troops from Iraq.

Two US carrier attack groups have been deployed to the Persian Gulf. US
missile systems are being sent to oil producing countries to counter any
incoming missiles from Iran should any survive the US attack. Israeli pilots
have been training for an attack on Iran. US war doctrine has been changed
to permit pre-emptive nuclear attack on non-nuclear countries. US attack
aircraft have been deployed at bases in Turkey. A neocon admiral who attends
AIPAC events has been made commander in chief of US forces in the Middle
East. Obviously, the ground war in Iraq and Afghanistan are not the focus of
the Bush Regimes new military deployments. The Bush Regime is focused on
attacking Iran.

In CounterPunch (January 16) Col. Sam Gardiner reports that the Bush Regime
has put into operation a group led by National Security Council staff whose
mission is to create and foment outrage against Iran. Col. Gardiner details
various signs of the Bush Regimes escalation and indicates some of the final
deployments that will signal an imminent strike on Iran, such as "USAF
tankers moved to unusual places, like Bulgaria" in order to position them
for refueling B-2 bombers on their way to Iran.

Both Michel Chossudovsky (ICH Jan. 17) and Jorge Hirsch (Antiwar.com Jan.
20) have recently documented evidence that the Bush Regime is orchestrating
a crisis with Iran that can lead to the use of nuclear weapons to attack

Civil libertarians who have observed the Bush Regimes concentration of
dictatorial powers in the presidency expect that war with Iran, especially
if fearful nuclear weapons are used, will be accompanied by Bushs
declaration of a state of emergency. The Bush Regime will use the state of
emergency to grab more arbitrary and dictatorial powers in the name of
protecting "national security interests" and American citizens from

As the Regimes crimes against the US Constitution and humanity will be
monstrous, dissent will be throttled in ways that will make Americans afraid
to speak, or even to think, the truth. By stifling dissent, the Bush Regime
will escape accountability for launching wars on the basis of blatant lies.
It will complete its destruction of the civil liberties that protect free
speech, dissent, and Americans from arbitrary arrest and indefinite
detention without charges or access to attorneys.

Congress is wasting precious time with non-binding resolutions and debates
over cutting off war funding. The Bush Regime is rushing the country into a
war and a domestic police state. Writing in Slate, Dahlia Lithwick reports
that one of the main goals of the so-called "war on terror" (essentially a
propagandistic hoax) is to achieve a massive expansion in unaccountable
executive power. This is a long-time goal of VP Cheney and his chief of
staff, David Addington. It is also the main goal of the "conservative"
Federalist Society, an organization of Republican lawyers from whose
membership Republican judicial nominees are drawn.

American public opinion is being manipulated. In the name of protecting
"American freedom and democracy," the Bush regime rides roughshod over both
as it ignores both the public and Congress and proceeds with a catastrophic
policy supported by no one but the Bush Regime and a cabal of power-mad

Nothing can stop the Regime except the immediate impeachment of Bush and
Cheney. This is Americas last chance.

Copyrighted by Creators Syndicate

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