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Is Bush Really An Idiot and Does It Matter Anyway?

JBS | September 25, 2007
Wilton D. Alston

If you're up for a few laughs at the expense of "the Decider" you absolutely must check out the video above. The only danger involved is if you're drinking anything when it begins. If you spit up whatever you're drinking, let me be clear, it's not my fault! Actually, I don't much care about politicians generally, and certainly, I'm beyond thinking that the intellect of the guy who happens to inhabit the Oval Office at the present time says anything about me specifically or the American people generally.

All that said, amid the belly laughs I enjoyed while watching the Bush gaffe montage, I found myself particularly interested in the opposed views of the two guys Scarborough interviewed for this segment. Both of them mentioned that Bush seemed to often lose when he "wrestled with the English language." Perhaps dubya really does employ a speechalist. Still, neither of the experts Scarborough interviewed thought that such a beating as Bush takes when he encounters a sentence should necessarily cause the listener to dismiss him. I find such a suggestion completely shocking.

What? Did I just enter into the political twilight zone and miss the theme music? I mean sure, we all know that politics is more about the politician enriching himself than his actions enriching each of us. We all know that generally the State is a system by which those with darned limited skills can externalize the costs of evil while enjoying the impunity of socialism. When you can do whatever you want, and no matter how poorly you do it you can only get more money money stolen from your customers in the form of taxation even Stevie Wonder could see that you've got a good thing going!

At some point, don't we all, partisans, libertarians, the apathetic, and the motivated, just collectively ask, "What the heck?" Sure, David Letterman has made some good comedy with his "Great Moments in Presidential Speeches." Sure, Andy Borowitz has administered some great laughs with pieces like his "Bush Pays Surprise Visit to Reality" submission. I'm a fan of good comedy, but who, exactly, is the joke on this time?

Have our expectations for a person customarily called the "leader of the free world" bottomed out enough that we're now accepting someone who could actually be that obnoxious guy in the bar about whom we always say, "Oh, don't mind him, he's kind of slow"? Has the almost constant parade of Congressmen who state how moral they are on Wednesday only to be outed while trolling airport bathrooms looking for sex on Friday permanently warped our expectations? Did we start out looking for Al Einstein but decide to stop looking when we got to Al Newman?

Even though I realize that the State is horribly flawed, I certainly hope not. Then again, maybe H.L. Mencken was correct when he said:

As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.

To quote a famous, and hopefully forgettable leader of the free world, "Mission Accomplished!"

In the end, to answer the second question posed by the title at the top, it doesn't really matter if George W. Bush is an idiot or a genius. The problem is not located in the person of the president. The problem is the State in that we have too much of it.

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