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Neocons Unleash “Blue Game Matrix” Against Islam

Kurt Nimmo | January 28, 2007 

"President Bush on Friday defended a Pentagon program to kill or capture Iranian operatives in Iraq, saying U.S. troops would use all necessary measures to protect themselves and civilians,” reports the CIA's favorite newspaper, the Washington Post. “Last fall, Bush secretly gave the military authorization to kill or capture members of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, including members of a Guard unit known as the Quds Force, and any Iranian intelligence operatives suspected of arming or supporting Shiite militias in Iraq.”

I bet these guys walk around with t-shirts that proclaim “I'm with Quds Force” and “I (heart) the Revolutionary Guards.”

Of course, Bush's “military authorization” (rather, a neocon authorization) is a blank check to simply kill as many Iranians as possible, and thus fan the flames of war.

Naturally, the Washington Post does not bother to tell us that it is quite normal for Iranians to be in Iraq, as there are important Shia shrines in that country, for instance the tomb of Imam Ali in Najaf and that of his son Imam Husayn in Karbala, both considered major Shia martyrs. The Seventh and Ninth Imams at Kazimayn, near Baghdad, are principal pilgrimage sites, drawing thousands of Iranians every year. Such pilgrimages are integral to Shia Islam.

For the Pentagon neocons, however, these folks will now be considered “operatives” and as such will be targeted with liquidation.

Moreover, it makes absolutely no sense for the Iranians to assist the Sunni resistance in Iraq, that is unless one simply forgets the Sunni are the sworn enemy of Iran's Shia, and it helps if one also is a retard when it comes to history, as Iran and Iraq fought a bloody and costly war in the 1980s.

Chris Floyd summarizes:

If Iran is not arming their bloodsworn enemies, the Sunni insurgents, and if any Shiite group they are assisting is an integral part of the “sovereign” Iraqi government backed by the Bush Administration, then what on earth can be the purpose of a direct presidential order to the troops to kill Iranians in Iraq? The answer is simple: the purpose of the order is to provoke Iran into some action that can be trumpeted as a casus belli for the Bush Faction's long-planned war against Iran.

What Bush has done with this order is to turn the American military into his own private death squad. It is an act of breathtaking dishonor, of unspeakable moral filth. That this pathetic little man and the jumped-up thugs around him – especially the hulking, smirking, lying coward Dick Cheney – are allowed to show their faces among civilized people, much less exercise power over a mighty nation, remains an unfathomable mystery…and a source of deep shame for all Americans.

The claim here is that Iran is working with the Shi'ite militias in Iraq. How short our memory is.

Back “in September 2004 Counsellor to the US Ambassador for Iraqi Security Forces James Steele was assigned to work with a new elite Iraqi counter-insurgency unit known as the Special Police Commandos, formed under the operational control of Iraq's Interior Ministry,” Max Fuller wrote in June, 2005.

The Police Commandos are in large part the brainchild of another US counter-insurgency veteran, Steven Casteel, a former top DEA man who has been acting as the senior advisor in the Ministry of the Interior. Casteel was involved in the hunt for Colombia's notorious cocaine baron Pablo Escobar, during which the DEA collaborated with a paramilitary organization known as Los Pepes, which later transformed itself into the AUC, an umbrella organization covering all of Colombia's paramilitary death squads.

The Police Commandos, notes A.K. Gupta, “is being used extensively and has been singled out by a U.S. general for conducting death squad strikes known as the ‘Salvador option.' The Police Commandos also appear to be a reconstituted Hussein security force operating under the same revived government body, the General Security Directorate, that was formerly tasked with suppressing internal dissent…. At the highest levels, White House officials consider the Police Commandos as the leading force against the insurgency.”

Sec. Def. Gates has promised “U.S. troops would not enter Iran under the program, and the president said he is still committed to resolving the dispute over Iran's nuclear program diplomatically.”

Gates, of course, realizes most Americans are ill-informed, inattentive, and have the memory capacity of an Alzheimer patient.

As Seymour Hersh revealed, the Pentagon “has increased clandestine activities inside Iran and intensified planning for a possible major air attack … Air Force planning groups are drawing up lists of targets, and teams of American combat troops have been ordered into Iran, under cover, to collect targeting data and to establish contact with anti-government ethnic-minority groups.”

As for diplomacy, the neocons consider such nothing short of appeasement, à la Neville Chamberlain.

Neocons have told us now for years they will not rest until Iraq, Iran, Syria, even Saudi Arabia (indeed, all Muslim nations) are reduced to smoldering ruin.

But the targeting of “operatives” is not confined to Iraq or even covert forays into Iran.

“As part of the new plan, US intelligence has now begun covert operations against Hizbullah. It is also focused on weakening Tehran's funding chain to Hizbullah and to various Palestinian terror organizations,” reports Yedioth Internet. “The Post also reported that the White House ordered an extension of what is known among the intelligence community as the ‘Blue Game Matrix', a list of potential operations to be taken against Hizbullah.”

“The wide-ranging [Blue Game Matrix] plan has several influential skeptics in the intelligence community, at the State Department and at the Defense Department who said that they worry it could push the growing conflict between Tehran and Washington into the center of a chaotic Iraq war,” explains the Washington Post. “Senior administration officials said the policy is based on the theory that Tehran will back down from its nuclear ambitions if the United States hits it hard in Iraq and elsewhere, creating a sense of vulnerability among Iranian leaders. But if Iran responds with escalation, it has the means to put U.S. citizens and national interests at greater risk in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.”

Nonsense. In fact, the plan is designed to turn up the heat on not only Iran, but Hezbollah and Hamas, and ultimately kick off a wider conflict, as long envisioned by the Israelis, the guiding force of death and darkness behind the Bush neocons, or rather the neocons that pull Bush's strings.

“Officials said [Gen. Michael V. Hayden, CIA boss] counseled the president and his advisers to consider a list of potential consequences, including the possibility that the Iranians might seek to retaliate by kidnapping or killing U.S. personnel in Iraq.”

No, you think? Actually, this would be ideal for the neocons, as it will provide yet another pretext to shock and awe the Iranian people.

“Two officials said that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, though a supporter of the strategy, is concerned about the potential for errors, as well as the ramifications of a military confrontation between U.S. and Iranian troops on the Iraqi battlefield…. In meetings with Bush's other senior advisers, officials said, Rice insisted that the defense secretary appoint a senior official to personally oversee the program to prevent it from expanding into a full-scale conflict. Rice got the oversight guarantees she sought, though it remains unclear whether senior Pentagon officials must approve targets on a case-by-case basis or whether the oversight is more general.”

More nonsense, as the neoconized State Department is on plan. As usual, the corporate media would have us believe there is resistance to this insanity, destined to kick off the final chapter of the “clash of civilizations,” ergo World War Four, as the neocons fondly call it, when in fact there is wide consensus Iran must be attacked.

In the days ahead, we should expect a blitz of propaganda, a virtual repeat of the lies spun to provide a flimsy pretext to invade Iraq.

“Out of all the enemies the United States faces in Iraq, the most troubling ones come from Iran, and according to U.S. officials, the Pentagon will soon present evidence that Iran is providing deadly weapons to insurgents,” ABC News reports, or rather reads from a Pentagon script. “ABC News has learned the weapons include efps, explosively formed pentrators that can cut through the strongest armor.”

As I wrote here a few days ago, the last time the neocons attempted to play pin the tail on the donkey in regard to IEDs in Iraq, it turned out a number of these devices “were developed by the IRA using technology passed on by the [British] security services,” as the Independent reported in October, 2005.

Of course, none of this matters now, as the neocons may invent any scary camp fire story they want and the complaisant corporate media will report it without question or follow-up, as the idea here is to send out a farrago of defamatory and lurid headlines and sound bites, comprised of half-truths, outright lies, and innuendo, all designed to demonize Iran as the attack, as planned by a camarilla of nihilistic neocons, comes together right under our noses, pretty much the same as it did last time around.

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