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Queen to meet Bush on US visit

BBC | May 07, 2007 

The Queen will meet President Bush in Washington DC on the final leg of her visit to the east coast of the US.

She will deliver a speech at the White House and be the guest of honour at a state banquet.

On Tuesday, the Queen and first lady Laura Bush will attend the Children's National Medical Centre in Washington.

The state visit has included trips to the site of the first permanent English settlement in the US and the famous Kentucky Derby horse race.

The Queen, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, fulfilled a long-held ambition to watch the race at Churchill Downs, Louisville.

The visit to Jamestown, Virginia, marked the 400th anniversary of the settlement.

In Virginia, the Queen extended her sympathies to those affected by the shootings at Virginia Tech last month.

The tour is the Queen's first carbon-offset state visit, where a donation is made to an environmental charity to offset the plane journeys made by the royal party.

The Queen was last in Washington in 1991 when George Bush Snr was the American president.

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