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KSDK News Channel | June 21 2005

(KSDK - Arnold, MO) -- They're the first in Missouri to have it. A convenience store in Arnold has a new way for customers to pay by scanning their fingerprints. With this new system, customers won't need to carry a check, debit card or even cash. All they need is their finger and a code.

Phillips 66 Express Mart on Richardson in Arnold chose Biopay to get their customers in and out the door fast. To enroll, customers need a driver's license, a blank check and a 10-digit code, which could be your phone number.

Customer Mary Henning said, "I think it's a great idea. It's simple, easy. You just walk in. Don't need to mess with your checkbooks, just put your fingerprint on this, make your purchase and it comes out of my checkbook."

Retailers also like it because they have to pay a lot less in transaction fees. Express Mart Assistant Manager Kevin Warttig said, "We're spending $3,000 to $4,000 a month just on credit card transactions. Debit cards a bit cheaper. This is 75% cheaper than using credit card transactions."

Biopay says it does not sell personal information with outside companies. And its servers are not directly connected to the Internet to prevent hackers.

Detective Michael Gray, a fingerprint idenity expert for the Jefferson County Sheriff's office for the past decade said, "Fingerprints are not only a permanent feature on your hand, but unique to each individual." That's why he said the chances of being misidentified are remote especially with the added security of the 10-digit code.

Detective Gray said, "As long as they verify that individual indentity going in, making sure that this is in fact Joe Blow leaving his finger impression as an examining document, I don't see any problems at all down the road when he comes back later."

Biopay is not linked to credit cards, just checking accounts. Once you enroll in Biopay, you can use it at any store that has the system, worldwide. Besides the Express Mart in Arnold, Biopay is available in some stores in Utah, North Carolina and Kentucky.


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