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A response to Miss Calisi's message

Infowars | April 5, 2006

Miss Calisi,

As I read your emotional response to the article on Dr. Pianka, a few details jump out at me.

You never deny that Dr. Pianka advocates that the Earth would benefit by culling 90% of the human population. If anything, you personally amplify his position by declaring "there is NO DENYING [sic] the natural world would be a better place without people – ALL [sic] people!" I ask you this: How does advocating an Earth completely free of human life demonstrate your supposed dedication to biological diversity?

Further, you assume that you speak for all "educated circles" in declaring the information on infowars.com , prisonplanet.com, prisonplanet.tv, jonesreport.com, not credible. Considering you haven't yet earned your PhD, that's quite a leap to assume such an exclusive perspective of solidarity. Are you saying that "educated circles" don't reserve space for individuality?

Your determination does demonstrate, however, a fervently closed mind. Did you happen to read any of the references or other information on the site where you discovered the article, or did you only pause long enough to inspire your flame? If it's the latter, I'd like to hear more about how you plan to employ such open-minded empiricism in your graduate studies when you encounter information that contradicts your beliefs.

You don't condemn the context provided by the article—only the detractors slippery enough to gain attendance to the closed speech, whom you refer to as the "moronic creationists." Are you suggesting that Dr. Pianka was using deliberately provocative language to inflame these particular attendees? If you don't feel that the speech is represented in good faith in the article, would you care to elaborate on his views for our edification? Specifically, how did the writers of the article mischaracterize Dr. Pianka's views?

You make the claim that Jones, Watson, and Watson portray Dr. Pianka to be a racist by comparing him to Hitler, when in actuality their claim is that Pianka's mindset, combined with federally funded research grants and a single "lone nut" graduate student could very easily result in Dr. Pianka's dream being made into reality. Jones, Watson, and Watson are merely exercising their right to express their condemnation of Pianka's publicly stated views, much the same way you condemn the view of "moronic creationists."

Before you go assuming that I'm simply trading flame for flame here, understand this: I understand it's true that as populations swell in overpopulated areas, there's the potential for disease to run rampant through the squalor. Where our agreement ends is that I believe this perfect substrate is the intended contrivance of those in power who strive to urbanize our country and herd the population into densely compact cities. The last thirty years of public policy substantiates my claim.

The biggest irony, though, is this: If Dr. Pianka's ideals were realized, do you recognize who among us will remain? Not you or Dr. Pianka, I can assure you, but those of us who, alarmed by historical trends, have taken measures to insure our survival by getting out of the cities. The others who will survive are those power elites (both government and private) who have the resources to acquire whatever antidote may become available.

The ones who will assuredly suffer and perish in such a nightmarish scenario as Pianka's are the poor, infirm, and weak—those without resources sufficient to isolate themselves while the virus runs its course. Frankly, I don't know which is more dire: Pianka's apocalyptic vision or the unquestioning groupthink demonstrated by his followers.
As the writers invite the readers to do in their article, "There are countless other instances of depopulation programs, too numerous to go into in this brief article. We urge our readers to research them and expose them further."
Please validate your vocation as a scholar and look into this issue.

Dave Trotter
Austin, Texas



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