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Dollar Hits New Lows Vs. Euro, Pound

AP | July 23, 2007

The U.S. dollar sank to new lows against the euro and British pound Monday and was mixed against other currencies in European trading. Gold prices fell.

The euro traded at $1.3816, down from $1.3822 late Friday in New York. It reached $1.3846 in Asian trading Monday, an all-time high. Later, in midday trading in New York, the euro fetched $1.3814.

The British pound traded at $2.0593, up from $2.0549 late Friday. Earlier in the day, the pound rose as high as $2.0603, a fresh 26-year high against the dollar.

Other dollar rates in Europe, compared with late Friday, included 121.28 Japanese yen, up from 121.24; 1.2048 Swiss francs, up from 1.2013; and 1.0431 Canadian dollars, down from 1.0479.

In midday New York trading, the dollar bought 121.37 yen and 1.2058 Swiss francs, while the pound was worth $2.0582.

Gold traded in London at $681.85 per troy ounce, down from $682.60 late Friday. In Zurich, gold traded at $680.90 per troy ounce, down from $681.35. In Hong Kong, gold rose $6.60 to close at $682.95.

Silver traded in London at $13.27 per troy ounce, down from $13.36.


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