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The Real Unemployment Rate is 23%:
How and Why Jobs are Vanishing from America

Luke Exilarch | March 20, 2005

Jobs are vanishing from America. Many of us realize this from our personal experience, or that of family members or friends.

The real unemployment rate is 23%

The federal government claims the unemployment rate for 2004 was 5.5% But the government’s “unemployment rate” statistic is a propaganda device. It does not count as “unemployed” people who are “not in the labor force.” According to economist Richard DuBoff, participation in the labor force by working-age males has been drifting downward for more than 40 years . Therefore, the government’s official “unemployment rate” is an increasingly misleading statistic.

According to the government’s own 2004 statistics , the civilian non-institutional population of United States males, age 16 and over, was 107.7 million people. Of those 107.7 million males, 14.7 million were estimated to be age 65 or over. Therefore, the number of men between 16 and 64, which traditionally constitutes this nation’s workforce, was 93 million.

Of those 93 million men, the government admits that 4.4 million of them are unemployed. And when I say unemployed, I mean utterly and completely inactive. The government considers someone “employed” if they work as little as one hour a week. People who do not even work one hour a week are still considered “employed” if they are “temporarily absent” from work.

But in addition to the 4.4 million men who are officially “unemployed” the government admits that 28.7 million men over 16 are “not in the labor force.” Subtracting from this 28.7 million the estimated 11.9 million men 65 and over belonging to that group, results in 16.8 million men between the ages of 16 and 64 who are “not in the labor force.”

Adding the 4.4 million officially unemployed to the 16.8 million who are factually unemployed yields a total of 21.2 million unemployed men between the ages of 16 and 64.

These 21.2 million unemployed men of working age represent almost 23% of the 93 million working age men in the United States.

How jobs are vanishing from America

The real rate of unemployment in the United States is the product of conscious planning. That planning is demonstrated by an intelligent coordination of various federal government policies. Most of these policies have been implemented in the last twenty-five years. These policies can be summarized as follows:

1. Federal Trade Policy

Starting with NAFTA and continuing with the General Agreement of Tariffs and Trade, the federal government began to eliminate tariffs on imports. Without the tariffs, prices for imports manufactured with cheaper foreign labor undercut prices for products that were made in America. In order to compete, America’s manufacturers had to lay off American workers and hire workers in foreign countries. They did .

2. Federal Monetary Policy

American workers could still make many products that were superior to those made by foreign workers. If foreigners could afford to buy them, American workers would keep their jobs.

But foreigners couldn’t afford to buy American made products if the American dollar remained overvalued compared to other countries’ currencies.

Since first taking office in 1987, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan’s “strong dollar policy” overvalued the dollar relative to other nations’ currencies, especially that of Red China’s.

So, even without tariffs, most foreigners can’t afford to buy goods made in America.

3. Federal Immigration Policy

If the federal government didn’t allow massive legal and illegal immigration from Third World countries, there would be more and higher-paying jobs for American citizens.

But the federal government did decide to allow mass immigration, and there aren’t more or higher paying jobs for American citizens .

4. Federal Antitrust Policy

If the federal government enforced the antitrust laws so that American companies couldn’t consolidate using “mega-mergers”, those companies would still have to compete against each other. In order to compete against each other, each company would have to hire American workers. In order to compete for workers, the companies would have to pay higher wages and salaries.

But the Republicrats seldom enforce antitrust laws. The Department of Justice (sic) routinely approves mega-mergers, knowing that the whole point of the merger is to increase profits by laying off workers .

5. Federal Tax Policy

The more you tax something, the less of it you get. The federal government collects Social Security payroll taxes from American employers who hire American employees. Over the past twenty-five years, those taxes have doubled. The federal government is planning a further a increase in payroll taxes, supposedly to “save social security.” The real effect will be spur American employers to outsource jobs to foreign countries.

6. Federal Environmental Policy

Federal environmental policies are shutting down land-based production in the United States. This means a reduction in the number of jobs available in those sectors of the economy: farming, logging, mining, etc.

7. Coming Soon - Federal Climate Policy

The death blow to whatever jobs remain in the United States will be delivered if the federal government adopts the proposed Kyoto Treaty. This treaty is ostensibly designed to stop artificial threats such as “global warming” or “climate change.” The real purpose of any Kyoto-style treaty will be to shift all remaining industrial production jobs from the United States to Third World countries .

Why jobs are vanishing from America

Public opinion polls routinely report that the dearth of jobs is the number one issue among voters .

The Republicrats are keenly aware that jobs are vanishing from America. They want us to think they are doing something about it. The Congress recently granted a tax amnesty to multinational corporations, but decided to call it the “ Jobs Creation Act .”

But in fact, as the foregoing demonstrates, the Republicrats are doing everything possible to undermine work opportunities for American citizens. Why?

As is obvious for most of us, the Republicrats no longer represent the interests of American citizens. The reelection rate for Congressional incumbents hovers around 98%. Incumbents have a huge advantage because they are in a position to solicit bribes.

Republicrats take their orders from a global elite that bankrolls their perpetual reelection. Having fewer and lower paying jobs in America serves a number of items on that elite’s agenda. That agenda revolves around creating the conditions for global government.


Obviously, fewer and lower paying jobs for Americans will result in Americans having a lower standard of living.

Elites believe that a uniform standard of living for all the peoples of the world is a precondition to global government.

This goal requires that countries with lower standards of living be raised and that countries with higher standards of living be lowered.

After W.W.II, the United States had the highest standard of living in the world. In order to make global living standards uniform, the American standard of living has to be lowered.

Some find it hard to believe that government is trying to lower the standard of living. Yet the idea of equalizing national standards of living was being discussed almost sixty years ago.

Back in 1947, the great Austrian economist Friedrich von Hayek expressed skepticism about the “great deal of muddleheaded talk about planning to equalize standards of life” throughout the world. Von Hayek, who won a Nobel prize in 1974, scoffed at the notion that ”European races would voluntarily submit to their standard of life and rate of progress being determined by a World Parliament.”

It’s looking like he overestimated us.


Elites realize that unemployment lowers the birthrate. Younger people who are jobless believe they can’t afford to have children. So they don’t.

For example, the European nations with the highest youth unemployment rates also have the lowest birthrates. http://www.techcentralstation.com/012705D.html A recent study concluded that Australia’s perilously low birth rate was caused by fear of unemployment.

Lowering the birthrate in the nations of Europe and North America has been a primary objective of elite planners since the end of W.W.II. This depopulation imperative accounts for their coordinated and intense effort to legalize abortion and homosexuality in those countries.

In countries that have higher standards of living, lowering the birthrate reduces the number of people who are born into that higher standard of living. That makes it easier for elites to equalize standards of living around the world, since there are relatively fewer people whose standard of living needs to be lowered.


Elites believe that lowering the birth rates in the Christian nations of Europe and North America today will result in fewer Christians being around tomorrow.

DeChristianizing the United States has been a top priority for the global elite since the end of W.W.II.

The deChristianization imperative is being carried out by America’s judicial dictatorship, which since 1947 has been mandating a “separation of Church and State” that finds no mention in the Constitution.

The deChristianization imperative was also implemented in the 1965 “Immigration Reform Act”, that abolished quotas on non-European, non-Christian immigration.

Moving jobs out of the United States is yet another nail in what elites hope will be a coffin for Christian America.

The jobs that are vanishing from America do not disappear. Most of them are being moved to China and India, two nations on track to become the political and economic powers of the 21st Century .

Is it a coincidence that elites are moving the productive capacity of the United States - and the jobs that go with it - to the two most populous non-Christian nations on earth?

Or does that decision represent just another item checked off on the elite’s anti-American, anti-Christian agenda?


If you or someone you know is dealing with unemployment, you owe it to yourself to get the facts and understand the reasons why. More than just American jobs is at stake. Global elites and their federal government lackeys are doing everything possible to destroy America as a Christian nation.

For any part of our nation to be salvaged, Christians will have to abandon “politics as usual” and prepare to fight and survive.

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