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[11/22/2005] Al-Qaida Operative Nabbed Near Mexican Border
An al-Qaida operative who was on the FBI\'s terrorist watch list was recently captured near the Mexican border, housed in a Texas jail and turned over to federal agents, Rep. John Culberson, R-Texas, said on Friday. » More

[11/09/2005] How did Al Qaeda operatives escape Afghan jail?
The escape of four Al Qaeda operatives earlier this month from a U.S.-run Afghan jail created confusion and suspicion among the world leaders- How were the escapees, dressed in orange jumpsuit, able to break out of the top-security detention center in Afghan\'s Bagram air base near Kabul? How did they manage to cut across the giant military base with some 12,000 U.S. soldiers?\n » More

[11/07/2005] US Relied on False Information Linking Iraq, Al-Qaida
A published report says a top al-Qaida operative in U.S. custody gave false information later used by the Bush administration to support its contention that Iraq trained al-Qaida militants to use illegal weapons. » More

[11/02/2005] Pentagon: Top al-Qaida Operative Escaped
A man once considered a top al-Qaida operative escaped from a U.S.-run detention facility in Afghanistan and cannot testify against the soldier who allegedly mistreated him, a defense lawyer involved in a prison abuse case said Tuesday. » More

[10/18/2005] More Highly Credible Whistle Blowers Identifying Global \'Al-Qaeda\' Terrorism as State Controlled
[S]ources ... were adamant that there were no Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups in existence that were not controlled by intelligence agencies. » More

[10/08/2005] Bush: Terrorism Thwarted
This is obviously a ploy to 1) Remind people they are supposed to be affraid of the constant threat of terrorism & 2) Boost Bush\'s waning popularity » More