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Iraq Articles

[03/15/2006] Rumsfeld Hints Iraq Troop Levels May Rise
Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld hinted Tuesday that U.S. troop levels may increase slightly in Iraq in the coming days because of pilgrimages connected to the holiday of Ashura. » More

[03/15/2006] Rumsfeld: It won\'t look like the U.S. civil War
I think until I\'ve had a chance to think more about it and-and-uhh-I-I will say I don\'t think it\'ll look like-ahh- the United States\'s civil war. That\'s just brilliant. With 87 deaths today-I think he knows the answer. » More

[03/15/2006] U.S. military airstrikes significantly increased in Iraq
American forces have dramatically increased airstrikes in Iraq during the past five months, a change of tactics that may foreshadow how the United States plans to battle a still-strong insurgency while reducing the number of U.S. ground troops serving here. » More

[03/15/2006] Why Did Bush Destroy Iraq?
March 20 is the third anniversary of the Bush regime\'s invasion of Iraq. US military casualties to date are approximately 20,000 killed, wounded, maimed, and disabled. Iraqi civilian casualties number in the tens of thousands. Iraq\'s infrastructure is in ruins. Tens of thousands of homes have been destroyed. Fallujah, a city of 300,000 people had 36,000 of its 50,000 homes destroyed by the US military. » More

[03/13/2006] New York Times Sunday splash: A secret history of the Iraq war, reliant on U.S. military documents
The New York Times plans the first in a series of two articles regarding Saddam Hussein\'s pre-war and Iraq war strategy based on a \"secret U.S. military history.\" While the story looks to shed light on the internal workings of the Hussein government, it relies largely on internal U.S. military documentation, secret interviews, and the interrogation records of American analysts, many of whom posed as \"military historians.\" » More

[03/13/2006] Bush says some Iraqi bombs made in Iran
President George W. Bush accused Iran on Monday of contributing to the unrest in Iraq, saying some of the homemade bombs that are wreaking havoc in the country came from that Iraq\'s eastern neighbor. » More

[03/12/2006] Was Serbia a Practice Run for Iraq
On March 11, the former Serbian leader and president of Yugoslavia, Slobodan Milosevic, died in his prison cell at the Hague, where he had been on trial for four years and one month for war crimes and genocide. The Serbian Socialist Party leader Zoran Andjelkovic responded to the news of Milosevic’s death with the following statement: » More

[03/10/2006] NeoCon allies desert Bush over Iraq
\'One can\'t doubt the objective in Iraq has failed ... Iraqi animosities have proved uncontainable by an army of 130,000 Americans. Different plans have to be made. And the kernel here is the acknowledgement of defeat.\' - Francis Fukuyama » More

[11/28/2005] Pulling US troops would lead to \'disaster\' -- Kissinger
For mer US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger warned Sunday that a hasty pullout of American troops from Iraq would lead to political and military \"disaster\", and called on the US administration to stay the course there. » More

[10/17/2005] Britain \"apologizes\" for terrorist act in Basra
There is, however, a growing awareness among the Iraqi populaiton that the occupation forces rather than Al Qaeda are behind the attacks on civilians. » More

[10/17/2005] Americans disguised in Arab Dress captured in the act of setting off a car bomb
Who needs terrorists or insurgents if we can do that job much better!!!!! » More

[10/16/2005] Captured SAS men \'spying on drill torturer\'
Two SAS soldiers imprisoned by Iraqis last month had been spying on a senior police commander who was torturing prisoners with an electric drill, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal. » More

[10/15/2005] British military involved in acts of terrorism in Iraq - According to statement of Iraqi army officer
Investigations show that the British Army\'s explosives and equipment were used in several instances of bomb blasts in Baghdad. » More