Border busts yield 147 illegal Brazilians
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Border busts yield 147 illegal Brazilians

KRGVTV | April 21, 2005

Border Patrol agents arrest a baffling number of Brazilian illegal immigrant across the valley.

MCALLEN – Border Patrol agents called for backup today after arrested more than 100 Brazilian immigrants.

The agency did not have enough room to process the group, and said they were baffled by the numbers.

Authorities in McAllen sent some of the illegal immigrants to other offices to be fingerprinted and booked.

In just three hours, authorities arrested 147 Brazilians across Hidalgo County. Five different groups of Brazilian immigrants were caught Thursday, beginning at 9:30 a.m. near Los Ebanos. Busts followed near Sullivan City, La Joya, McCook and McAllen.

Agents do not yet know what caused the unusually heavy activity Thursday, but they it shows the success they are having as they secure the borders.

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