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Bush's Illegals Destroy US Borderlands With Trash, Filth

Free Republic | April 12, 2005

FReeper trteamer had asked on a thread last week (4/4/05) if there were some way to go out on the ‘net and find pictures of the trash that illegal aliens leave behind as they pass through our border counties.  I told him that I would check into that.  As I was looking, another FReeper , B58 Hustler, picked up on the topic and put together what follows.

He did the research; he found pictures at such places as Colonel Ben Anderson’s web site, DesertInvasion.com, KrisEggle.org, and local news outlets in Southern Arizona; and he put them into what follows.  Much of the text reflects his thoughts vis-à-vis that contingent of FReepers who oppose our attempt to publicize our plight along the border.

Now, you too can see what we live with on a day-to-day basis, why people like my co-worker Inga are afraid to go to sleep at night, why my co-worker Dallas never leaves the house unarmed, and why my County Sheriff has gone to Congress begging for help.  

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