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John Cornyn: 9/11 Image on Mexican Border

Newsmax | November 26 2005

Arabic belongings have turned up along the Texas-Mexican border - including juice boxes with Arabic writing and a 9/11-like image of a plane hitting a building - according to Sen. John Cornyn.

"I will tell you that with my own eyes I have seen [this material in] Border Patrol anecdotal reports," the Texas Republican tells Human Events.

Cornyn is chairman of the Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security and Citizenship.

"Two examples," he said, were, "[photos of] juice boxes with Arabic writing on them that were collected by agents around the Laredo area."

Cornyn said he was shown another picture of "a jacket that was found that had a patch on it with Arabic writing.
"I don't read Arabic," he told HE. "So I don't know what it said. But it had a picture of a plane flying into a tall building on it."

Asked why Bush administration officials hadn't made the disturbing information public - Cornyn said he guessed they were protecting intelligence sources.

Last week Rep. John Culberson announced that an al Qaida operative who was on the FBI's terrorist watch list had been nabbed along the Mexican border and was briefly housed in a Brewster County, Texas, jail - before he was taken away by the FBI


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