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Illegals Cheer As Police Beat Amnesty Protester

Prison Planet.com | May 10, 2007 

A driver chooses to voice his disagreement with the thousands of mainly illegal immigrants marching to demand amnesty for criminals who have already broken the law by unlawfully entering the U.S. without permission.

He opens his sunroof and sticks his middle finger up at the throngs of demonstrators, countering their free speech with the right to his own under the first amendment.

Almost immediately, police arrive, drag the driver out of his car and wrestle him down the pavement - blood begins to pour from his face.

The immigrants cheer, taunt and laugh as the police manhandle the protester.

One of the pro-illegal demonstrators uses the spectacle to stick his placard in front of the cameras, lauding how the "American Dream" should be available to illegal immigrants, while thug cops slap handcuffs on the protester.

"Now you bleeding, you're bleeding punk," screams one pro-illegal.

"What's it like now bitch," yells another.

Police grabbing someone from their own car, wrestling them to the floor and smashing their face into the concrete for protesting is all acceptable and encouraged by the pro-illegals.

Perhaps it reminds them of their homeland, where such practice is commonplace.

This is what open borders and amnesty is all about, creating an underclass of ignorant and submissive victims who have no history of freedom, don't understand freedom, and are perfectly willing to let the cops walk around and beat people up so long as they get their welfare checks at the end of the day.

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