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Dozens Of Illegals Targeted In 'Operation Return To Sender'

KUTL | July 12, 2006
By Burt Mummolo

Tulsa - A federal task force swept through Tulsa Wednesday, netting dozens of illegal immigrants. Dubbed 'Operation Return To Sender', it's being run by the Department of Homeland Security. NewsChannel 8's Burt Mummolo reports on the undercover roundup.

Officially, this story wasn't supposed to be released until Friday. But, early this morning, NewsChannel 8 learned that federal authorities were scattered throughout Tulsa conducting numerous raids against illegals with federal warrants.

There were no markings on the bus and the windows were whited-out. The passenger list was prepared by Homeland Security.

"We're conducting a federal operation here."

That's the only soundbite you will hear in this story, as federal officials tried to keep the wraps on the Oklahoma chapter of Operation Return to Sender, a nationwide crackdown by US Immigration and customs enforcement to apprehend illegal aliens with federal warrants. It began May 26th and has netted over 21-hundred aliens.

Today's target was Tulsa. Three passengers were off-loaded from a white van entering the sheriff's barbed wire yard when we were there. Roughly forty are expected to be taken into custody by days end.

Statewide, approximately 120 illegals are earmarked for arrest. Specific crimes are unknown, but of those arrested in other states, 146 were for sex offenses, 367 for gangs, and 640 fugitives previously told to leave the US.

Sources say the operation is set to conclude Friday in Oklahoma, by which time more details regarding the fugitives will be released.



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