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Lying to America
The whole thing hinges on border security, and they're lying about it

American Patrol / CNN | June 26

Secretary Chertoff is a liar.

Dobbs: There are lots of ways to put this, but when the president of the United States and the Democratic leadership of the U.S. Senate say that the proposed immigration legislation is all about border security and not about amnesty, it's a lie.

Romans: Now, the administration promises tougher border security. DHS secretary Michael Chertoff today said it's already happening. Now he says he expects 150 miles of border fence completed by September. But Congressman Duncan Hunter's office scoffs at that, they say less than 13 miles of fence has actually been completed outside Yuma and it's not the double fence that's already mandated. 854 miles of fence is already mandated, has been signed by the president. We're not even remotely there and this whole thing hinges on border security.

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