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Men who shot Border Patrol agents wore black military-style garb

KVOA News | July 5, 2005

There's new information about two Border Patrol agents who were wounded in the line of duty last Thursday.

Both officers were shot in the leg and Eyewitness News 4 has learned that the assailants were wearing black military-style uniforms.

Sources say that investigators found food, water, and supplies. It's believed there were more than two shooters.

Santa Cruz County Sheriff Tony Estrada says the assailants were dressed in commando-type clothing.

"People don't dress like that unless they really know what they're doing and what they want, which is even worse," Estrada says.

Could those armed men have been members of a team of rogue Mexican commandos called the Zetas?

The Zetas are former members of the Mexican Army. They were trained by the U.S. Army at Fort Benning, Georgia to battle against the powerful drug cartels.

Some of those commandos changed sides and are now working with drug smugglers.

Sheriff Estrada says, "It's a possibility. I'm sure the FBI and other agencies are looking at that because of the way the individuals were dressed. Because of the way they were set up, they were protecting a group of individuals for whatever reasons. They were obviously sending a real strong message."

The two agents, who are still hospitalized, were checking out tracks about a mile and a half from the border. They came under fire from shooters using high-powered weapons.

Sheriff Estrada says, 'Now, more than ever, Border Patrol as well as other law enforcement officers have to be vigilant, especially if the men who ambushed the agents last week are members of Zetas. It is very scary. Obviously, they are well trained, well equipped, and they know their mission."


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