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US-trained Mexican commandos pose threat to authorities

KVOA | May 20, 2005

The U.S.-Mexico border is becoming more violent.

The feds have been alerted through a memo to law enforcement throughout the southwest, telling them that Mexican commandos are now working for drug cartels.

You'll be shocked to learn where the commandos were trained.

The memo from the Justice Department warns that Mexican commandos were trained by U.S. forces, but switched sides. They are now using their deadly skills to work for the drug cartels.

They were elite forces trained by the U.S. Army at Fort Benning, \Georgia to battle against the powerful drug cartels.

They're known as "los zetas," but a memo from the Justice Department to police agencies in the southwest warns that some of those commandos changed sides and are now working with drug smugglers.

Sheriff Tony Estrada says, "Things like that are a concern to us, especially trained here on the U.S. side. They've gotten pretty special training in reguards to areas they were supposed to specialize. Now, they are working with drug traffickers on the Mexican side."

Using the commando training, Los Zetas are known to be extremely violent and have been blamed for an outbreak of violence along the Mexican border.

Lt. Ron Benson says, "Not only did they receive some early military training but they developed their own internal training as well increasing their violence far beyond their own original capiblities."

Lt. Benson has worked Homeland Security and tracked these rogue Mexican commandos. He's retiring from the Pima County Sheriff's Department and will be working with the FBI.

"They are a threat to authorities not only in Texas, but in New Mexico, Arizona and California. Because we believe Los Zetas are being used as protecors for narcotics coming into this country."

Lt. Benson says there's yet another threat. Nephews and sons of Los Zetas are starting their own organization and taking part in the drug wars.

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