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SF Group Confronts Minutemen In Arizona

ABC7 | April 16, 2005

A border skirmish is brewing between an immigrant rights group in San Francisco and the Minutemen in Arizona.

The Minutemen are a semi-armed civilian group that is patrolling the border, trying to stop people from crossing illegally.

Protesters from San Francisco are driving to the area Saturday morning to confront the Minutemen. They say the militia is nothing more than a hate group.


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The Minutemen say they're doing a public service.

Chris Simcox, Minutemen founder: "We're presenting a model that Homeland Security should be: setting up posts and creating a deterrent for crime in the first place."

The immigrant rights group, Deporten A La Migra, says they hope to meet with Arizona's attorney general to demand that the Minutemen be stopped.

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