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Texans for Freedom Announces a Rally in Support of American and Texas Sovereignty against MECHA and La Raza Demonization of Texan Heritage

Alex Jones to lead demonstration against dangerous reconquista movement | September 16, 2005

Having read reports that Texas United Latino Artists (TULA) is planning to lead a march down Congress from Riverside to the Capitol in celebration of Mexican independence from Spain, Texans for Freedom is announcing a counter demonstration to be led by its director, Alex Jones from 4:00-6:00 PM on Saturday, September 17 th at the intersection of Congress and 11 th Street in front of the big iron gates at the south entrance to the Capitol.

Texans for Freedom has a nine year history of protesting racist hate groups. In 1999, founder Alex Jones engaged in a four-hour bullhorn filibuster against a Klu Klux Klan rally in Waco, Texas.

Jones understands that many of the organizers and groups participating in the TULA parade are not racist and are simply celebrating their heritage. However he knows that some of the groups participating, like MECHA and La Raza, are overtly racist and he is determined to expose this through his activism to the media.

The MECHA, motto is, “Everything for the race, for those outside the race nothing,” and La Raza, means “The Race” in Spanish. Can you imagine if a white or black organization called itself “The Race?” It’s time for this type of behavior to be exposed.

There is a double standard here. Meanwhile, groups like MECHA and Young Immigrant Students for a Better Future demonize the Minutemen project for peacefully going to the border and reporting border crossers who are violating federal law to police.

Many prominent leaders of the Minutemen are Hispanic and they resent claims by some immigrant groups that they are all secret KKK members. The reason that there is a Minutemen project is because prominent leaders of Hispanic organizations have publicly stated over and over again that the entire Southwest still belongs to Mexico and that they are in the process of “reconquista,” or re-conquering the Southwest.

Now, the TULA organization, in their own press release states that they want to have Dies y Seis celebrations in every state capitol in the union. Meanwhile, these events are being used by many radical groups as a promotion of what can only be called revolutionary activities in the United States.

Texans for Freedom has video evidence from across the nation depicting MECHA proudly displaying pictures of white severed heads. At these raucous rallies there are huge banners depicting Aztec warriors cutting whites’ hearts out.

This is a very dangerous development in America and will be addressed by Texans for Freedom, led by Alex Jones from 4:00-6:00 PM on Saturday, September 17 th at the intersection of Congress and 11 th Street in front of the big iron gates at the south entrance to the Capitol.

Texans for Freedom will also educate the public on the fact that many Mexican supremacist organizations are promoting the lie that Hispanics have no stake in Texas culture. Over a third of the soldiers who fought for Texas independence against the dictator Santa Anna were proud Tejano Texans. Santa Anna himself was removed by the Mexican people just a few years later in Mexico City.

While once celebrated, it is almost a secret today that the framer of the Texas Constitution was Hispanic, or that a disproportionate number of heroes in the battles for independence were Hispanic.

Why are Texans for Freedom angry? Over a decade ago the University of Texas banned University promotion of Texas Independence Day. The University however promotes Dies y Seis. This is political correctness gone insane. Groups like this have been shouting Americans into silence for far too long while major polls show that their views do not represent the feelings of most Hispanics (2004 Gallup poll – 67% Hispanics wanted tighter border controls).

We love Texas heritage, we love US sovereignty and we support the Minutemen who have been venomously demonized, when all they did in this post-9/11 world was heed the call to be vigilant. Many people let these Dies y Seis celebrations become a platform for America-bashing and an open call for revolution along racial lines. It is unbelievable.

We challenge the media to be fair and to come out and research these facts at our rally where you will see Texans of all colors coming together to stand up for Texan and American sovereignty.

Why can Dies y Seis to be celebrated when Texas independence is treated like some dirty sore?

These groups are celebrating the independence of a foreign country, and many of the participating organizations, such as MECHA openly discuss the overthrow of America.

Why do we put up with this? Most frightening of all is these groups’ blatant manipulation of well-meaning individuals seeking simply to celebrate their heritage. These good folks do not know what they are really getting into or who they are associating with: racist groups with devious intentions.



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