45-day Jail for Drowning Iraqi
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45-day Jail for Drowning Iraqi

AP | March 18, 2005

An Army platoon leader was sentenced to 45 days in a military prison for his role in forcing three Iraqi civilians into the Tigris River.

Army 1st Lieutenant Jack Saville also must forfeit $2,000 (Dh7,340) of his military salary each month for six months, military judge Colonel Theodore Dixon ruled on Tuesday.


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He earns $2,970 (Dh10,911) a month.

Prosecutors had recommended Saville, who chose a nonjury trial, be discharged from the Army.

“I hope to use these experiences for greater good,” Saville, a 25-year-old West Point graduate, read from a statement.

Saville pleaded guilty to assault and other crimes for forcing two curfew violators into the river at gunpoint in January 2004 near Samarra.

One of the men allegedly drowned.

Saville was convicted on Tuesday of a lesser assault charge for doing nothing to stop another Iraqi man from being forced into the river near Balad in December 2003.

During sentencing, Saville apologised, saying his poor decisions “adversely affected US-Iraqi trust during critical times of reconstruction”.

He said he has learned from his mistakes and has been forgiven by God.

Governor Sonny Perdue said she will receive a $10,000 (Dh36,740) reward.


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