US troops kill woman, kids
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US troops kill woman, kids

SA | March 14, 2005

Baghdad - Three civilians were killed and another 10 injured, including five children, when US troops retaliated to an earlier missile attack by insurgents from a residential region in Qaim on Monday, said hospital sources.

Dr Mohammed Saleh al-Kubaisi of the border city of Qaim, 500km west of Baghdad, said that insurgents fired missiles on the Qaim customs office building which is being used as a US military base.

The US troops responded by firing on the nearby residential regions, killing three and injuring 10 others. Most of the injured are in serious condition, Kubaisi said.

On Sunday, members of the Iraqi National Conference were ambushed in Ramadi, west of Baghdad. One member was seriously injured when gunmen opened fire on his car. Hameed Ali al-Dulaimi is in a coma, according to Dr Abdul-Salam Mohammed of Ramadi hospital. - Sapa-dpa

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