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John Bolton calls Iraq situation a Civil War

Crooks & Liars | January 16, 2007 


For all the right wing naysayers, their hero—John Bolton calls the sectarian violence in Iraq: A Civil War

Bolton: Well look, the fundamental point is whether the civil war that exists now is going to continue or whether the Iraqis are going to decide to live together in one country.

I laughed when he asked the UK interviewer if he was a believer in Democracy. A vain attempt at attacking the messenger once again. He also calls this "the last chance" for the Iraqis

C&Ler Rowan emailed the tip:

I am watching Channel 4 News live from the UK and John Bolton has just called what's going on in Iraq NOW a "civil war" and he is saying that the issue is ensuring that the "surge" in troops prevent the existing civil war from spiralling completely out of control.

Interesting how the marching-in-step neocons can sometimes be a little looser with their language when they are on TV that will not be seen in the US. (h/t Scarce for the video)

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