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Defense Secretary Using Sopranos Language?

News Hounds | January 11, 2007

Today on Fox On Line with Bill Hemmer, he had a video clip of Robert Gates, Secretary of Defense talking about Bush's escalation of troops in Iraq. Gates choice of language was a little suspect, though.

Gates said, "One of the most important committments that the Prime Minister has made is that in this offensive the military will have the authority to go after all lawbreakers. There are no exceptions. I'm not gonna hang specific targets on specific people but all lawbreakers are susceptible to...uh...being detained or...uh...um...taken care of in this campaign.

Comment: Is the procedure of detainment and torture going to continue under this defense secretary, too? I'm not sure of what exactly he means by *taken care of*, but it sounds somewhat like a Tony Soprano remark.

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