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Hagel: US 'Losing' Iraq War

Newsmax | June 24, 2005

In demoralizing comments that have drawn surprisingly little fire from his fellow Republicans, Sen. Chuck Hagel is claiming that the U.S. is actually losing the war in Iraq.

"The reality is that we're losing in Iraq," Hagel told U.S. News and World Report earlier this week. "Things aren't getting better; they're getting worse."

The Nebraska Republican blamed the Bush administration, saying a more positive assessment by Vice President Dick Cheney earlier in the month showed that "the White House is completely disconnected from reality. It's like they're just making it up as they go along."

Hagel added: "If things don't start to turn around in six months, then it may be too late," predicting that Congress would urge President Bush to cut and run at that point.

The top Republican's comments have been quoted in two reports on Al Jazeera.com since Monday.

Hagel's remarks, however, should come as news to al Qaeda's Iraq operations chief Abu Musab al Zarqawi, who has complained repeatedly in recent months that the U.S. has his forces on the ropes



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