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Lloyd shot dead by US troops, inquest told

Leigh Holmwood / London Guardian | October 6 2006

ITN reporter Terry Lloyd was shot in the head by American troops as he was being driven to hospital, the inquest into his death was told today.
An account by an Iraqi witness that was read out at the inquest in Oxford claimed Lloyd was still alive after the original attack on his car but was killed by US troops as he was driven from the scene.

The unnamed driver's account, which was read out by the deputy assistant coroner for Oxfordshire, Andrew Walker, gave new details of the last moments of Lloyd's life.

The witness's account was described as "very credible" by ITN's Nicholas Walshe, who led the news broadcaster's investigation into the journalist's death.

Before the account was read out, Mr Walker warned Lloyd's family, represented in court by his daughter, Chelsey, that the account could be distressing. He was told by the family's counsel, Anthony Hudson, that the family wanted to hear as much detail as possible.

"Terry was shot in the shoulder and had been lying in the sand," the Iraqi recounted. "He managed to walk to the car but was too weak to get in without help."

Mr Walker said the witness also said he had seen Lloyd's press pass and described a white Kuwaiti pass clipped on a yellow short-sleeved shirt.

"This witness said Mr Lloyd was then shot by US shots. The witness said Mr Lloyd was shot by US troops in the head while the vehicle was leaving the scene. Two Ba'ath party members were also shot. Three pieces of wood that had Mr Lloyd's blood on were also present. Mr Lloyd lay on the pieces of wood while the minibus took him to hospital."

The inquest continues.


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