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List of Journalists Who've Died in Iraq

Associated Press | August 3, 2005

A list of journalists killed in Iraq since the war started March 20, 2003:


* Steven Vincent, a freelancer whose work had appeared in The New York Times and Wall Street Journal, was shot multiple times after he and his Iraqi translator were abducted at gunpoint in Basra, Aug. 2.

* Saleh Ibrahim, an Associated Press Television News cameraman, killed when gunfire broke out after an explosion in the northern city of Mosul, April 23.

* Television journalists Fadhil Hazem Fadhi and Ali Ibrahim Issa, both working for Al-Hurriya, killed when they drove by suicide bombings outside the Interior Ministry in Baghdad while on their way to an assignment, April 14.

* Iraqi news anchor Raeda Wazzan, working for Iraqi state TV channel Al-Iraqiya, kidnapped on February 20 and found dead with multiple gunshots in the head five days later on a roadside in Mosul where she had lived and worked, Feb. 25.

* Iraq television correspondent Abdul Hussein Khazal al-Basri, 40, working for U.S.-funded Iraqi television station Al-Hurra, and his 3-year-old son, Mohammed, both killed by gunmen as they left their home in Basra, Feb. 9.


* Iraqi freelance cameraman Dhia Najim, on assignment for Reuters, killed in Ramadi where he had been covering a gunbattle between the U.S. military and Iraqi insurgents, Nov. 1.

* Iraqi television anchorwoman Leqaa Abdul Razzaq, working for Al-Sharqiyah television, killed by gunmen as she was traveling by taxi to her home in Baghdad, Oct. 27.

* Iraqi photographer Karam Hussein, working for European Pressphoto Agency, killed by a group of gunmen in front of his home in Mosul, Oct. 14.

* Iraqi television reporter Dina Mohammed Hassan, working for Al-Hurriya, was killed in a drive-by shooting in front of her Baghdad residence by a gunman who shouted "Collaborator! Collaborator!" Oct. 14.

* Palestinian television journalist Mazen al-Tumeizi, a reporter for Al-Arabiya television, reportedly killed after a U.S. helicopter fired missiles and machine guns to destroy a disabled American vehicle in Baghdad, Sept. 12.

* Ismail Taher Mohsin, an Iraqi driver who worked for the AP, was ambushed by gunmen and killed near his home in Baghdad. The reasons for the slaying have never become clear, Sept. 2.

* Italian freelance journalist Enzo Baldoni, 56, working for Milan-based weekly magazine Diario della Settimana and researching a book on militants, murdered by kidnappers from a militant group calling itself the Islamic Army in Iraq near Najaf, Aug. 26.

* Iraqi cameraman Mahmoud Hamid Abbas, 32, working for the German television station Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, killed on assignment in Fallujah, Aug. 15.

* Japanese photographer Shinsuke Hashida, 61, and his nephew, journalist Kotaro Ogawa, 33, on assignment for the Japanese daily Nikkan Gendai, killed in an ambush south of Baghdad, May 27.

* Rashid Hamid Wali, assistant cameraman for the Qatar-based satellite channel Al-Jazeera, killed by gunfire while covering fighting between U.S. troops and militiamen loyal to radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, in Karbala, May 21.

* Correspondent Waldemar Milewicz and producer Mounir Bouamrane of Poland's TVP television, killed in an ambush by gunmen in Mahmoudiyah, about 20 miles south of Baghdad, May 7.

* Correspondent Asaad Kadhim and driver Hussein Saleh of the U.S.-funded television station Al-Iraqiya shot by U.S. troops, April 19.

* Burhan Mohamed Mazhour, Iraqi cameraman freelancing for ABC, killed in Fallujah, reportedly by U.S. troop fire in his direction, March 26.

* Ali Abdel Aziz and Ali al-Khatib, of the United Arab Emirates-based news channel Al-Arabiya, shot by U.S. military near checkpoint in Baghdad, March 18.

* Nadia Nasrat, news anchor with Coalition Provisional Authority's Iraq Media Network/Diyala TV, killed by unidentified assailants in Baqouba, March 18.

* Twin suicide bombings on offices of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and Kurdistan Democratic Party in Arbil kill six journalists, Safir Nader and Haymin Mohamed Salih, cameramen with Qulan TV; Abdel Sattar Abdel Karim, a freelance photographer for the Arabic-language daily Al Ta'akhy; Ayoub Mohamed and Gharib Mohamed Salih, of Kurdistan TV; and Semko Karim Mohyideen, a freelancer, Feb. 1.

* Duraid Isa Mohammed, producer for CNN, killed with his driver in ambush outside Baghdad, Jan. 27.


* Ahmed Shawkat of Iraqi independent weekly Bilah Ittijah killed by gunmen at his office in Mosul, Oct. 28.

* Mazen Dana, Reuters cameraman, shot while working near U.S.-run Abu Ghraib prison on outskirts of Baghdad, Aug. 17.

* Jeremy Little, Australian sound engineer for NBC News, died July 6, 2003, at military hospital in Germany from wounds suffered June 29, in a grenade attack on a military vehicle in Fallujah.

* Richard Wild, British freelance cameraman, shot on street corner outside Iraq's Natural History Museum in Baghdad, July 5.

* Tareq Ayyoub, Jordanian, journalist for Al-Jazeera, killed when network's Baghdad office hit in U.S. bombing campaign, April 8.

* Jose Couso, cameraman for Spanish television network Telecinco, and Taras Protsyuk, Ukrainian TV cameraman for Reuters, killed when U.S. tank fired at Palestine hotel in Baghdad, April 8.

* Christian Liebig, of Germany's Focus weekly, and Julio Parrado, of Spain's El Mundo, killed in Iraqi rocket attack on U.S. Army's 3rd Infantry Division south of Baghdad, April 7.

* Kamaran Abdurazaq Muhamed, Kurdish translator for BBC, killed in U.S. aircraft bombing of joint convoy of Kurdish fighters and U.S. Special Forces in northern Iraq, April 6.

* Michael Kelly, editor-at-large for The Atlantic Monthly, killed when Humvee he was riding in with U.S. Army's 3rd Infantry Division plunged into canal near Baghdad, April 3.

* Kaveh Golestan, Iranian freelance cameraman for BBC, killed in land mine explosion in northern town of Kifrey, April 2.

* Terry Lloyd, correspondent for Britain's Independent Television News, and translator Hussein Osman of Lebanon, shot in fighting between coalition and Iraqi forces near Basra, March 22.

* Paul Moran, freelance cameraman for Australian Broadcasting Corporation, killed in apparent car bomb at checkpoint in northern Iraq, March 22.

* __

Other deaths, disappearances:

* Mark Fineman, correspondent for the Los Angeles Times, died in Baghdad of apparent heart attack, Sept. 23, 2003.

* Elizabeth Neuffer, reporter for The Boston Globe, killed with her translator Waleed Khalifa Hassan Al-Dulami when their car hit a guardrail on highway north of Baghdad, May 8, 2003.

* Mario Podesto, Argentine television reporter, killed in car crash outside Baghdad, April 14, 2003. Veronica Cabrera, Argentine freelance camerawoman, died April 15 of injuries from the crash.

* David Bloom, NBC News reporter, died from an apparent blood clot while covering the war south of Baghdad, April 6, 2003.

* Gaby Rado, correspondent for Britain's Channel 4 News, died after apparently falling from a hotel roof in northern Iraq, March 30, 2003.

* Independent Television News journalist, cameraman Fred Nerac of France, missing since the shooting incident March 22, 2003 in southern Iraq in which Terry Lloyd and Hussein Osman were killed.



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