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U.S. poll shows lowest Iraq support ever

UPI | June 13 2005

WASHINGTON, June 13 (UPI) -- A Gallup poll published Monday shows U.S. support for the war in Iraq is at its lowest level, with nearly 60 percent of respondents favoring troop cutbacks.

For the first time, a majority said they would be "upset" if President George Bush sent more troops, while a new low, 36 percent, say troop levels should be maintained or increased.

"We have reached a tipping point," Ronald Spector, a military historian at George Washington University told USA Today. "Even some of those who thought it was a great idea to get rid of Saddam (Hussein) are saying, 'I want our troops home.'"

However, White House spokesman David Almacy echoed Bush's frequent assertions that troops would remain, saying it was "vital" for U.S. peace and security that "we complete the mission by training Iraqis to provide for their own security, and then our troops can return home with the honor they have earned."


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