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POLL: Two-Thirds of Americans Believe There's A Civil War In Iraq

Think Progress | October 19 2006

A poll released by the Wall Street Journal this morning found that 66 percent of Americans believe there is a civil war in Iraq. Here is the question and the results:

In other words, 40 percent of Americans believe that violence in Iraq should be described as “Iraqis fighting against each other in a civil war.” Another 26 percent think there is a civil war in addition to an anti-U.S. insurgency. (ThinkProgress noted yesterday there are actually at least four different violent conflicts ongoing in Iraq .) Therefore, fully 2/3 of Americans believe there is a civil war in Iraq.

Conservative pollster Bill McInturff noted “If Americans continue to see U.S. troops caught in the middle of a civil war …that will ratchet up the pressure to terminate our deployment in Iraq.'”


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