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Pressure mounts for war inquiry

London Independent | June 11, 2007
Andrew Grice and Robert Verkaik

The Government will come under fresh pressure today to order a full inquiry into the Iraq war and the mistakes made since the 2003 invasion.

The Tories have called a Commons debate on the need for an investigation and, although the Government will oppose the move, some Labour MPs may back it in a reflection of mounting party concerns. Tony Blair remains against an inquiry but Gordon Brown will consider whether to hold one after he becomes Prime Minister on 27 June.

Mr Brown told a Labour leadership hustings meeting at the weekend: "We have got to recognise that mistakes ... were made both in the run-up to war and in the administration of it. I ... am part of the Cabinet that made these decisions but we are entering a new stage."

Pressure for an inquiry has grown during Labour's deputy leadership election, with two candidates, Harriet Harman and Jon Cruddas, calling for an apology for the war.

The Government will find it more difficult to resist calls for a full and independent inquiry into the war if the House of Lords on Wednesday upholds the judgment of the Court of Appeal that the Human Rights Act does apply in the case of an Iraqi who died after being detained by British soldiers.


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