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Sentence reduced for Fort Riley soldier convicted of murder in Iraq

KLTV 7 | August 18, 2005

TOPEKA, Kan. A Fort Riley soldier convicted of shooting a severely wounded Iraqi teenager to death has had his sentence reduced by two-thirds.
Staff Sergeant Johnny Horne Junior of Wilson, North Carolina, pleaded guilty at a December court martial to unpremeditated murder.

The defense described the 2004 shooting near Baghdad as a mercy killing.

Horne's platoon was on patrol when troops spotted civilians throwing explosives from a truck.

The soldiers opened fire.

The soldiers then found dead bodies and two people who were injured, including the dying teen.

Horne was sentenced to three years at the military prison.

But Horne is now set for release September 14th, after a general at Fort Hood reduced the sentence in June to one year -- including time served.

The ruling by Major General Peter Chiarelli did not explain the reduction.


911:  The Road to Tyranny

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911:  The Road to Tyranny