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Five blasts reported in Baghdad suicide bomb spate

Reuters | July 15, 2005

Five suicide car bombs blew up in different locations across Baghdad within hours of each other, including two attacks on Iraqi military patrols that police sources said killed six people and wounded more than 20.

Eyewitnesses said at least one of the bombers struck a U.S. convoy, although there were no immediate reports of American troops among the casualties.

Firefighters tried to douse the flames near one blast site targeting Iraqi troops in the north of the city, where several cars were destroyed and bloodsoaked survivors argued with police.

"The (Iraqi) army vehicles were parking right here when a speeding Daewoo car approached and exploded. It split in two parts," eyewitness Raed Salman said.

A police source said six people were killed and 16 hurt in that blast. The bodies were too charred to immediately identify how many were Iraqi soldiers and how many civilians.

In the New Baghdad district in the southeast of the city, eyewitness Basim Mohammed said he saw a car bomber ram an armored U.S. convoy at high speed, but he saw no casualties.

Another bomb struck near Andalus square in the town center. Reuters correspondents in central Baghdad heard that blast, followed by gunfire. An Interior Ministry source said the blast was caused by a suicide car bomb that wounded five Iraqi soldiers and three civilians.

He said there were two other apparent suicide car bombs, near an old Defense Ministry headquarters and near a U.S. patrol in east Baghdad. He had no reports of casualties at either site.

A U.S. military spokesman said he was checking the various reports.


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