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Why is Blair pulling Iraq troops out?

Tartan Hero | February 22, 2007

Top of the headlines today is of course, Tony Bliar's announcement that he is cutting the number of British troops in Iraq. Some might say he is heeding the SNP's call to bring our troops home at last. Others may be less charitable.

One theory doing the rounds in journalistic circles is a far more worrying scenario. What if the real reason that British troops are being brought out of Iraq was because UK military and government leaders know of plans by the US to bomb Tehran (or its nuclear research stations).

Today's announcement by Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, that Iran will try to achieve nuclear capability as soon as possible, is sending shivers down the ersatz-spines of Washington's White House, State Department and Pentagon.

My money is on the US military-industrial complex conspirators to make a 'pre-emptive strike' a la Clinton on Libya in Spring next year.

UPDATE: Check out this opinion from an ex-US air force colonel, courtesy of the British American Security Information Council.


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