US helicopter opens fire in Mosul, wounds five civilians
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US helicopter opens fire in Mosul, wounds five civilians

AFP | March 13, 2005

MOSUL, Iraq - At least five Iraqi civilians, including a woman, were wounded Sunday in the northern city of Mosul when a US military helicopter opened fire on insurgents, the US military and witnesses said.

"The helicopter was ... engaged by small arms fire from a nearby building. The helicopter returned fire," the military said, in response to a query.

"At least five Iraqi citizens were injured in the crossfire. The civilians were transported to a local hospital for treatment. An investigation of the incident is underway."

According to witnesses and hospital sources, three people were killed, including a woman and two children.

"Gunmen in an Opel opened fire on the helicopter which started shooting," one of the wounded, Hamid Mohammed, told AFP.

Earlier, the US military said it had killed five insurgents in firefights.

03/13/2005 19:17 GMT

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