Metro Family Blames Death on War Related Illness
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Metro Family Blames Death on War Related Illness

NBC News | December 29, 2004

The family of a metro soldier fears he died from a war-related illness. They shared their story exclusively with NBC Action News.
35-year-old Army Sergeant Clay Garton spent 16-months in Iraq. His family says ammunition used by soldiers poisoned him. They claim he was exposed to depleted uranium dust during a rescue mission in Fallujah in May.
The government contends the health risks are low.
Clay’s dad Duane Garton says, "Thirty-five years I had the boy. He went through 16 months of hell, he come back, and they didn't do nothing for him. That's what I don't understand, why they couldn't do something for him. They just let him lay there and keep going down and down."
A memorial fund has been set up to benefit Clay Garton's three children. To donate, call the Raytown branch of the Bank of America at (816) 979-6292.


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911:  The Road to Tyranny