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  Michael Ware: “The Most Dominant Feeling (in Iraq) Is Fear”

Crooks and Liars | November 2, 2006
Jamie Holly

Michael Ware gave his assessment of the military chart the New York Times published yesterday that showed the level of violence in Iraq is nearing chaos.

Ware: "When you walk on an Iraqi street today. When you go down any avenue here in Baghdad, the most dominant feeling. The most gripping emotion amongst people is fear and that feeling is legitimate"

Ware says that the chart is the most accurate assessment of the situation in Iraq, despite the "tonnage of words" used by politicians and generals to spin the situation into something better.

Of course we can't talk about the carnage that is Iraq, because we got more important things to do - like go after John Kerry for a botched joke. It's really nice to see a White House with it's priorities straight </sarcasm>.

Update: John Amato says:

Iraq is within a fraction of all out Chaos! A picture really does tell a thousand words. Words that Bush doesn't want you to know. This graph is causing quite a stir in DC and the Bush cultists are freaking.

Kevin Drum: So how long until we hit 100 at the current rate? Answer: Just under six months. Even the U.S. military now thinks we have less than one Friedman before Iraq is hopelessly lost.

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