Glamour Magazine Disinforms Readers about Abortion-Cancer Link, Says the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer
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Glamour Magazine Disinforms Readers about Abortion-Cancer Link, Says the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer

Christian Wire Service | August 15, 2005
By Karen Malec

HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL, Aug. 15 /Christian Wire Service/ -- "Why should anyone believe that Glamour's editors and writer Susan Dominus care if women die of breast cancer?" asked Karen Malec, president of a women's group, the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer.

The coalition chastised Glamour's journalists today for erroneously reporting in an August article that the abortion-breast cancer (ABC) link had been "disproved." [1]

"We challenge Glamour to find just one scientist who has disproved the biological explanation for the link," declared Malec. "No scientist dares to challenge the explanation because it makes good physiological sense."

"If the link was 'disproved,'" said Malec, "why did British researcher Patrick Carroll present new research to the Joint Statistical Meetings in Minneapolis on August 10 showing abortion to be the 'best predictor of British breast cancer trends'? [2] Why do governmental agencies continue to spend millions of tax dollars on ABC research?"

In July, the World Health Organization recognized oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy as "carcinogenic to humans." [3] This fact provides additional support for the ABC link because all three risks involve estrogen overexposure.

Biological evidence, animal research and most epidemiological studies support a cause-effect relationship. Scientists only challenge the epidemiological research (statistical evidence demonstrating whether a correlation exists).

"According to two scientists, the major players in the cancer establishment and governmental agencies are using fraudulent epidemiological research to erase the link from the public mind. [4,5] They have done so for 48 years. Why didn't Glamour report that?" asked Malec. "After a half-century of a cover-up and lies, who could consider the cancer establishment to be credible?"

"Glamour's journalists have moral and professional obligations to retract their erroneous statement and inform readers that five medical groups and a bioethics group recognize the link," asserted Malec. [6]

A seventh medical group warned doctors that two U.S. women successfully sued their abortion providers for failing to disclose the breast cancer risk. [7] The medical group's executive director calls the research "highly plausible."

Experts agree that childbearing significantly decreases breast cancer risk. That's why abortion industry expert Lynn Rosenberg (Boston Medical School) was compelled to acknowledge under oath that the woman who chooses abortion has a greater risk for breast cancer than does the woman who has a child. [8]

The Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer is an international women's organization founded to protect the health and save the lives of women by educating and providing information on abortion as a risk factor for breast cancer.

911:  The Road to Tyranny

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911:  The Road to Tyranny