Sick Dehumanist Society Wants Weak Babies Dead
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Sick Dehumanist Society Wants Weak Babies Dead

She sees, hears, smiles and enjoys being cuddled: Doctors want to stop helping her breathe | March 14, 2005

Look into the eyes of this baby human and wrap your mind around the fact that doctors are trying to make it so that she will not be resuscitated if her condition worsens. They want to refuse her resuscitation despite her parent's pleas for their child.

Charlotte Church has a family who loves her and her life is valuable. Lucky for her, she wasn't born in the Netherlands, where pediatricians are openly murdering newborns at their discretion.

We are living is a sick, dehumanist society where the value of human life is disregarded and disrespected. Remember that these activities of denial of care (or, in the case of Terri Schiavo, for example, the murder by dehydration) are inspired by underlying dehumanist philosophies like that of "bioethicist" Peter Singer who wrote, "Since neither a newborn infant nor a fish is a person, the wrongness of killing such beings is not as great as the wrongness of killing a person."

'Right-to-life' baby 'improving'
Putting a gravely-ill baby on a ventilator if her condition gets worse would not be in her best interests, the High Court was told on Monday.

BBC News | March 14, 2005

A pediatrician said 17-month-old Charlotte Wyatt's condition had improved since a ruling in October that she should not be resuscitated.

But the doctor said ventilation would still not be the right action to take.

Darren and Debbie Wyatt, of Portsmouth, Hampshire, are challenging the previous ruling that she should not be saved.

Back in October, doctors won the legal right not to resuscitate Charlotte after arguing that she was brain-damaged and "had no feelings other than continuing pain".

Charlotte was born three months premature at St Mary's Hospital in Portsmouth in October 2003, with serious brain, lung and kidney damage.

Now the High Court, sitting in Cardiff, is hearing evidence from experts saying she can now see, hear, smile and enjoy being cuddled.

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But when asked about putting Charlotte on ventilation, the paediatrician, referred to in court as Dr H, said: "I feel that it wouldn't be in her best interests - with the severity of her chronic lung disease, an acute respiratory infection is what would be fatal to her. To ventilate would only postpone it.

"I cannot really envisage a situation where it would be in her interests."

'Dramatic change'

She admitted Charlotte's condition had improved since the New Year.

"Her general condition improved, she was more settled, spending more time awake but not in distress, and not requiring as much sedation.

"She does make facial movements but I have never seen her smile, and I have held her, and talked to her and engaged with her but I've never seen her smile."

David Wolfe, representing Charlotte's parents Darren and Debbie, put to the doctor that it was "quite a dramatic change" from the situation described back in October.

Dr H replied: "Yes. Really the only factor is that she is no longer in distress all the time and needing sedation."

The case, being heard by Mr Justice Hedley, is expected to last two days.

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