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Colbert exposes NFL Katrina psy-op

Total 411 Info | January 22, 2007 

Crime reporter Dan Moldea exposed years ago how NFL games can be and are routinely fixed for various reasons. Football has long served as a taxpayer-funded "bread-and-circuses" distraction for the American people; turning their attention away from the high crimes of the state. but in recent years, the NFL has been used as a tool of even more sophisticated psychologicla operaitons on the American people. This was reflective in the post-9/11 rise of the New England Patriots coupled with the winter Super Bowl holiday ritual becoming increasingly nationalistic and militaristic.

Television analyst Steven Colbert exposed on Wednesday night how the rise of the New Orleans Saints may be being used as a way to preoccupy the remaining people of New Orleans and divert their attention away from outstanding questions (exploding levees, HAARP, etc.) regarding the federal genocide operation unleashed on the city in August 2005:


Total411.info's sources in New Orleans report that this has indeed been the case as of late, with local news media reporting on barely anything else; New Orleanians lining up around the block for Saints memorabilia, the fully-employed dropping hundreds or thousands of dollars on game and plane tickets, etc.

Will humanity ever learn?

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