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Former Reuters Editor Says He Was Fired for Anti-Coulter Book

Dave Astor / Editor And Publisher | October 20 2006

NEW YORK Joe Maguire was fired as a Reuters editor for writing a book critical of Ann Coulter, according to the People for the American Way (PFAW) Web site.

There has been speculation that Maguire's departure from Reuters earlier this month was tied to his writing "Brainless: The Lies and Lunacy of Ann Coulter" (William Morrow, Oct. 10). Maguire's Tuesday talk at PFAW's New York office was reportedly the first time he publicly confirmed that the book cost him his job.

Maguire said he was let go despite having prior permission to write the book about Coulter, the conservative author and Universal Press Syndicate columnist. A New York Times story last week quoted Reuters as saying this approval was "conditional."

Reuters was contacted today for reaction to Maguire's Tuesday remarks. Corporate spokeswoman Samantha Topping read the following statement over the phone: "Mr. Maguire is no longer employed by Reuters. Our editorial policy and the Reuters 'Trust Principles' are prominently displayed for all to see on [our Web site]. Mr. Maguire's book is now available. Both speak for themselves." Topping declined further comment.

The PFAW site noted that Maguire was a markets editor at Reuters, and added wryly: "How the book might affect Joe's covering of, say, the bond markets is anyone's guess."

Also last week, Regan Books published "Soulless: Ann Coulter and the Right-Wing Church of Hate" by Creators Syndicate columnist Susan Estrich. The titles of Estrich's and Maguire's books are takeoffs on Coulter's 2006 book "Godless: The Church of Liberalism."


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