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Jewish Group Behaving Like Nazis In Trying To Get Dobbs Fired

Prison Planet | May 4, 2007 

A Jewish group that are attempting to get Lou Dobbs fired for "hate speech" because he compared pro-illegal immigration propagandists to Herman Göring are themselves behaving like Nazis in attempting to crush free speech.

"They might as well work for Herman Göring," Dobbs said on a recent CNN piece about advocates of mass amnesty for illegal aliens. "I mean, they're running so much propaganda, trying to confuse the debate, the national dialogue, by talking about immigrants rather than illegal aliens and legal immigrants. It's mindless beyond belief."

"Comparisons to Nazis especially in this day and age are abhorrent," the president and CEO of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, Gideon Aronoff, said in a statement Monday. "Mr. Dobbs has crossed the line between responsible television commentary and hate-speech propaganda of his own. Keeping him on the air is essentially sanctioning by CNN which is why we're asking CNN to remove Dobbs from his very public platform."

How dare these buffoons think that only Jewish groups are allowed to have a monopoly on the use of Nazi Germany as a parallel when warning against potential political tyranny?

In calling for Dobbs to be kicked off the air for simply using an analogy about Nazi Germany, the Jewish group are behaving like Nazis themselves, attempting to chill free speech and create a climate where nobody is allowed to say anything in case it offends someone.

Since Don Imus made an ignorant off-hand comment about a black female basketball team, enemies of free speech everywhere have crawled out of the woodwork in an attempt to exploit the controversy and silence anyone who dares challenge political correctness or simply makes a statement that some would consider controversial.

It's time for the 'Imusization' of the political climate to stop and for all these thought police to remember that the First Amendment doesn't contain a clause that invalidates it should a minority group feel offended by the God-given right of freedom of speech.


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