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Radio Equalizer | September 5, 2007

*** Late Update Below ***

After a decade- long run, Matt Drudge's syndicated radio talk show is about to end, according to an industry trade report and a regional media blogger based in Ohio. These sources have 30 September pegged as his final program date.

Created at the peak of Drudge's Monica Lewinsky- fuelled fame, the show was confined to Sunday evenings, apparently at his insistence. At the time, the Internet star said he had been offered a weekday show, but chose the weekend slot instead.

That proved a smart strategy: on Sundays, many of the nation's biggest talk stations picked up the show, where it remained under the radar for a number of years, with little competition. By contrast, the weekday airwaves have long been crowded with far more syndicated shows than the market can absorb.

Another benefit was the fact that Drudge was able to use his site to promote the show, which proved especially effective.

What's causing Matt's radio exit is uncertain, but there have been rumors that the Drudge Report kingpin spends a lot of time travelling these days, often leaving site updates to others. And so far at least, Drudge has made no public comment on these reports.

Cincinnati- based host Bill Cunningham is said to be taking over the program, but it's hard to say whether most Premiere Radio affiliates will carry the new show or if the slot will be absorbed by additional weekend re-runs and infomercials.

UPDATE: the mainstream media now picks up the story, with the Cincinnati Enquirer reporting that Cunningham is indeed being given the show. According to the paper, he will be "less political" on the air than Drudge, which frankly sounds asinine as we head into one of the most exciting election cycles in decades.

In addition, the article only seems to add to the mystery of why exactly Matt is leaving the show. So far, not a word about the situation at his own site.

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